All About Izelle

As a professional fine artist based in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Izelle is originally from Hermanus, South-Africa where she grew up in a family devoted to the arts. They Endeavour to tell a personal narrative through their work. Translating a variety of artistic skills through numerous solo and collaborative projects, they’ve worked to make a reputable name for themselves in the South-African world of Arts. Izelle is globe-trotter and spent her early career as a salon manager for a five-star cruise line (Holland America Line) travelling the world and is always looking for the next opportunity to translate these travel and life experiences into art. Through a meticulous approach to the arts, she has made a strong and positive impression in the world of Arts.During Izelle's career on board she met a Dutch Nautical Officer, now her husband and father tot their to children Seff and Mila. Martijn is still sailing for Holland America Line as Staff Captain and they recently moved to the Netherlands. Izelle will now start making her unique art available to the Dutch market.

Paint Brushes

Izelle Schütz

About Izelle's Art

The techniques Izelle uses to create her paintings are unique and innovative. Izelle creates unique structured paintings giving a artistic 3D and real life feeling to the paintings.